Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yo-yos: One Drop M1, Anti-Yo The Busine$$

I was trying some tricks on my old Spintastics Tigershark last night with a few cans of Tecate in my stomach, and I drunkenly thought to myself, "Shit, I should buy myself one of those fancy all metal yo-yos." I did some searching, and apparently this little guy is the cheapest all metal yo-yo one can buy, and while it may be cheap, it supposedly kicks some serious yo-yo butt (note that I just said, "serious yo-yo butt").

I want to get one with mismatched black and yellow sides, along with neon purple string -- so fly.


However, since this certain item on the Wishlist doesn't feel out of reach enough at a measly $60, I feel like I should also list Anti-Yo's The Busine$$.

Selling price is $89.99, only 450 were made, and it looks really nice. However, it's still not quite as baller as this.


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